Health and Physical Education for All

Providing high-quality HPE in an innovative, student centred and holistic way sounds great in theory but putting it into practice can be more demanding in the face of a packed school curriculum and protests that “we’ve always done it this way”. Recognising these challenges, Health and Physical Education for All gives you a great place to start and plenty of motivation to keep on the path to an engaging and inclusive programme in, through and about movement.

Ages: 5-12 years

About the Authors

Picture of Carla Werder

Carla Werder

Carla Werder is a member of the Sport Southland Made to Move team in New Zealand and has taught students at all primary and intermediate school levels across New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In her teaching she has always thought outside the square and enjoys “big picture” thinking. In her role as a school facilitator she has enjoyed linking the local curriculum, positive behaviour for learning, current strengths in the school, and its surrounding places and spaces to increase well-being for students and teachers.
Picture of Ricky Bakker

Ricky Bakker

Ricky Bakker is a member of the Sport Southland Made to Move team in New Zealand. Previously he taught for 12 years in a variety of contexts and countries including New Zealand, United Kingdom and Azerbaijan. He is passionate about the value of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum in increasing students’ well-being. He is keen to see it implemented across schools in a variety of ways that are fun and engaging for students.