Physical Sciences

To many students, physical sciences can seem far removed from real life and all the more formidable for it. Responding directly to this challenge, this series offers a variety of reflection, practical and inquiry activities that make the physical sciences real while guiding and inspiring students’ learning. Each book also supports teachers with detailed teacher notes covering the materials needed, teaching steps and the central concepts of each topic.

Ages: 11-14 years

About the Author

Picture of Emily Hall

Emily Hall

Emily Hall works at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, where she is science teaching coordinator for the Otago University Advanced School Sciences Academy (OUASSA), tutor/lab demonstrator in the Physics Department and teacher of a scholarship physics class for Dunedin school students. Although she started her university education in Canada, she put this on hold to work as a software developer for the North American sawmill industry before moving to Dunedin. She completed her BSc in computer science and physics from the University of Northern British Columbia, as well as gaining a BA in education and a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching at the University of Otago. Thereafter she taught senior physics in Balclutha and Dunedin, and completed a Master of Science Communication, with her thesis titled “Fight Like a Physicist: Teaching Classical Mechanics through Karate”. The martial art is much more than an academic interest for Emily: she teaches karate – of course, trying to throw in some physics concepts as well – and competes both nationally and internationally. Emily is mum to two boys who are keen karate competitors as well.