Science in the Real World

Errors, uncertainties and untidiness – we find them in the real world and we find them in science. Yet, as many students see it, science happens in the classroom, not in the world they know. Science in the Real World is all about changing these perceptions. The activities encourage students to think critically about science and the world around them, as well as to develop their analytical thinking skills. Most importantly, students come to recognise that science is about things going wrong and then figuring out why.

Ages: 12-14 years

About the Author

Picture of Julia Burton

Julia Burton

Through her study at Otago University,New Zealand, Julia Burton gained a BSc with a major in chemistry and a BA with a major in English. She then gained her Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) from Teachers’ College at Victoria University. She taught science and chemistry at Upper Hutt College and is now taking a break to look after her children.