Concepts About Print

The Concepts About Print observation task uncovers what individual children already know about how we put language into print, what things they are confused about and what they have yet to learn. The task presented in this attractive standalone text has proved to be a sound measuring instrument for learners during the first two years of school.

The four special booklets used for the Concepts About Print task are Follow Me, Moon; No Shoes; Sand; and Stones.

Ages: 5-7 years

About the Author

Picture of Marie Clay

Marie Clay

For three decades Marie Clay has been acknowledged as a world leader in research on literacy learning, child development and the prevention of learning disorders.

Her early academic work as a child psychologist involved the observation and study of children as they acquire literacy. An outcome of this research was the development of reliable tools for assessing progress with literacy learning and these instruments have been published and are widely used around the world today.

Marie's decision to focus on struggling learners and the resulting development of the Reading Recovery early intervention changed how the education community worldwide viewed these children's chances of becoming literate.

There are many other publications by Marie Clay in the areas of writing, oral language and classroom learning.