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The Early Literacy Guide: Bk 1 Resources


Language and literacy

ISBN: 9781927221006
Code: 0724
The Early Literacy Guide: Bk 1 Resources Cover
Make a real difference in the lives of children in their early years. This outstanding series on teaching language and literacy supports exemplary practice built on rigorous theory and evidence. One of the keys to its success is contextualised teaching, which begins with whole texts that capture children’s interest and connects with their everyday lives. Work on letters and phonemes then follows naturally because the context makes these linguistic building blocks meaningful.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 0-7

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About the Authors

Dominic Wyse is professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education at the Institute of Education, University of London and a widely published author. A major strand of Dominic's research is on the tea
Christine Parker is the principal of a large primary school in the east of England. Previously she was head of an early excellence centre where she led the nursery school. She has also worked as a par

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