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Health and Physical Education for All


Fresh and creative ideas to bring the curriculum alive in your school

ISBN: 9781776557653
Code: 51165
Health and Physical Education for All Cover
This book advocates for using concepts rather than contexts to drive the learning based on students’ needs at the time and for getting HPE to work together effectively with other areas of the curriculum. In showing you how, it offers many practical examples of what your HPE plans could look like and ideas to strengthen school systems and structures to support HPE. You’ll also find quick “pick up and go” ideas that you can adapt to suit your purpose and key concepts in your school, as well as to put well-being at the centre of the learning. Use these fresh ideas to make HPE a rich learning experience and just plain fun for all primary and intermediate students.

| Themes: | Resource Types: | Pages: 64 | Ages: 5-12

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About the Authors

Picture of Carla Werder
Carla Werder is a member of the Sport Southland Made to Move team in New Zealand and has taught students at all primary and intermediate school levels across New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In her teaching she has always thought outside the square and enjoys \u201Cbig picture\u201D thinking. In her role as a school facilitator she has enjoyed linking the local curriculum, positive behaviour for learning, current strengths in the school, and its surrounding places and spaces to increase well-being for students and teachers.
Picture of Ricky Bakker
Ricky Bakker is a member of the Sport Southland Made to Move team in New Zealand. Previously he taught for 12 years in a variety of contexts and countries including New Zealand, United Kingdom and Azerbaijan. He is passionate about the value of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum in increasing students\u2019 well-being. He is keen to see it implemented across schools in a variety of ways that are fun and engaging for students.

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