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Natashja Treveton

Natashja Treveton

Tash Treveton – Co-founder/managing director of Inspired EC and educational consultant
Natashja Treveton feels strongly about children's rights to a REAL childhood, of imaginative play in open-ended environments. She is particularly passionate about children connecting with nature and she is focused towards those areas. 

Tash began as an untrained casual 14 years ago, studied and gained experience through to being a service director as well as an educational leader of Woodrising Community Preschool & CCC in Newcastle, NSW. This became one of the first centres to gain an ‘Exceeding the National Standards’ level in the current rating system in the area. 

In 2007 Tash and her business partner Nicole Halton spent countless hours discussing the need for inspiring professional development in their local area and, as a result, founded their educational training and consultancy business, Inspired EC. Their passion and enthusiasm in their beliefs have allowed the company as well as the services they offer to develop and expand and to ‘inspire’ thousands of educators Australia wide.

Tash is passionate and enthusiastic about anything related to children’s wellbeing and supporting adults to develop this. She has a particular interest in creating naturalistic playgrounds for children and communities and likes nothing more than getting in there and digging creek beds or creating fairy gardens.

Essential Resources believes in learning. We help teachers teach and students learn.

Our resources are strongly grounded in what works in the classroom, giving teachers lesson plans, tools and strategies they need to make a difference. They support students’ learning through every stage of their schooling, ensuring students excel and can apply their learning to numerous meaningful contexts.

Engaging and of high interest, they are developed to provide students with the skills necessary to become analytical thinkers, problem solvers and idea generators, and to succeed in a multinational work environment.