The Taking Responsibility Programme for Adolescents

ISBN: 9781877390395
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The Taking Responsibility Programme for Adolescents Cover

The Taking Responsibility Programme (TRP) is about helping students make quality choices and learn self-control. This has many positive spin-offs for students and school including:

  • a positive school/classroom climate
  • friendly, respectful relationships with others
  • the ability for students to think before acting
  • a safe environment
  • the ability to self-regulate behaviour
  • more on-task, purposeful learning experiences resulting in more quality output.

TRP is based on students accumulating points as a consequence of their behaviour. Inappropriate behaviour attracts 'inappropriate points'. The type of behaviour that is unacceptable is clearly stated and students are involved in deciding how many points different behaviours will attract. Taking part in TRP involves completing worksheets which encourages students to reflect on their behaviour and to consider why and how they could avoid repeating it.

Book 1 introduces the whole TRP idea in detail while Book 2 provides further worksheets. A complementary reward system, SRP (Showing Responsibility Programme) is also outlined in Book 1.

Pages: 48 | Ages: 11-17

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About the Author

Stephanie Thompson is principal of a semi-rural school in the South Island, New Zealand. Since 2002 she has re-developed and instigated a number of processes and systems at the school. Prior to that she taught at a large urban primary school. Stephanie has worked in education for more than a decade and has taught across all levels.