Study Skills Made Practical


A guide to improving study skills through revising, remembering, recalling and relating

ISBN: 9781927143988
Code: 5640
Study Skills Made Practical Cover
With its graphic presentation and relatively few words, this series provides all students, including those with learning difficulties, with study techniques and skills to help lift academic achievement. In line with the school year, the guide moves from initial topics such as how we learn, attitudes to learning, goal-setting and note-taking through to such matters as developing routines for everyday study (including summarising notes, researching, and assignment and essay writing) and how to study for and sit tests and examinations. The multi-purpose resource can be used to complement various curriculum demands or as a ready reference for ideas on how to structure learning experiences, such as essay writing.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 12-16

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About the Author

Picture of Alyse Boaz
Alyse Boaz left school at 15. She initially worked in offices and as a sales representative. At 21 she went back to part-time study, gaining a Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Teaching, and a Diploma in Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties. Alyse has been involved with developing teaching standards, national moderation, and standards accreditation. Effective assessment writing is of particular interest to her. She has also taught international, mainstream and special learning needs students. This background led Alyse to develop this book with the aim of assisting students to understand their own learning needs so they can achieve positive educational experiences.