Helping Young Children Cope with Difficult Times Cover

Helping Young Children Cope with Difficult Times

Supporting wellbeing and identity

The activities in this book are designed for use in one-to-one or very small group situations to meet the needs of individual children at a time of stress. They aim to: make use of everyday objects and toys readily available in most settings; be quick and easy to use; encourage children to express their feelings and anxieties; provide plenty of extra ideas for taking activities further if needed; and, build on the principles and practice outlined in the EYLF.

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Ages: 1-6 | Pages: 92 | Code: TS0148 | ISBN: 9781921613975

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Sally Featherstone

Sally Featherstone has a wealth of experience as a teacher, consultant, trainer, and author in the field of early childhood education. In 1993, she and Phill Featherstone founded Featherstone Education, a division of Bloomsbury Publishing.

Clare Beswick

Trained as an early childhood teacher, Clare Beswick specializes in working with babies and very young children with special needs and their families. She writes for many early childhood publications, and has written several books for parents and for children.
Picture of Anne Vize

Anne Vize

Anne has worked as a special educator in a variety of settings, and holds a Masters degree in Special Education. Her experiences include teaching children and young adults with intellectual, learning and physical disabilities as well as behavioural challenges which make attendance at school a challenge.

As well as teaching classroom literacy and numeracy, Anne has worked as a teacher of sport and recreation and has taught within the Professional Writing and Editing course at Chisholm Institute.

To date she describes her most challenging and inspiring teaching moment as being deciding to take a group of teenagers with varying disabilities including autism, attention deficit disorder, intellectual disabilities and behavioural issues to Sydney from Melbourne in a minibus to watch the 2000 Paralympic Games — driving and camping for the whole five day trip!

A previous recipient of a Queen's Trust scholarship award to visit New Zealand and Fijian special education settings, Anne is committed to constantly updating and extending her skills into new and diverse areas of writing and education.


TOPIC 1: I want my mum! Easing separation anxiety7
Activity 1 Hellos and goodbyes8
Activity 2 What next?9
Activity 3 It’s special to me10
Activity 4 How much longer?11
Activity 5 A safe place to watch12
Activity 6 Where’s my mum/dad?13
Activity 7 My special note14
Activity 8 Magic Ted15
Activity 9 A ‘Well done’ rosette16
Activity 10 It’s in the book17
Activity 11 How do I feel right now?18
Activity 12 What did I do today?19
Advice and tips20
TOPIC 2: It’s mine! Learning to share21
Activity 1 Mine, yours, his, hers22
Activity 2 One for you, one for me23
Activity 3 My go NOW!24
Activity 4 Ticket time25
Activity 5 Ted’s tea party26
Activity 6 Music and rhyme27
Activity 7 Pockets and pouches28
Activity 8 Instant rewards29
Activity 9 Birthday surprises!30
Activity 10 Fun with two or three31
Activity 11 Swap about32
Activity 12 Shop play33
Advice and tips34
TOPIC 3: Losing it! Managing anger35
Activity 1 Puddle stomp36
Activity 2 Anger thermometer37
Activity 3 Bean bag boxer38
Activity 4 Perfect pizza39
Activity 5 Big band40
Activity 6 Rip and stick41
Activity 7 Squeeze it!42
Activity 8 Hammer away43
Activity 9 An oasis44
Activity 10 A bit of calm45
Activity 11 Wrap and pass46
Activity 12 A hundred tiny pieces 47 Advice and tips48
TOPIC 4: I can’t do it! Building confidence49
Activity 1 Easy marks50
Activity 2 Higher and higher51
Activity 3 Look what I can do52
Activity 4 I think I can53
Activity 5 I can make it work54
Activity 6 I can look after you55
Activity 7 I play, you play56
Activity 8 Snip it and post it57
Activity 9 I can cook58
Activity 10 Throw and catch57
Activity 11 With love from me to you60
Activity 12 How do you feel?61
Advice and tips62
TOPIC 5: Who’s this? Adjusting to a new role63
Activity 1 A new baby map64
Activity 2 Just like me!35
Activity 3 Games babies play66
Activity 4 In the picture67
Activity 5 Give me the moon papa68
Activity 6 Big brother, big sister69
Activity 7 Bath time fun70
Activity 8 My family book71
Activity 9 I’d rather have an iguana72
Activity 10 Special times73
Activity 11 Send that baby back!74
Activity 12 Welcome to the world75
Advice and tips76
TOPIC 6: Where am I going? Dealing with change77
Activity 1 Teddy’s moving day78
Activity 2 Wrapping up, keeping safe79
Activity 3 My special box80
Activity 4 My room and my bed81
Activity 5 Old friends, new friends82
Activity 6 Feeling safe83
Activity 7 A bag of feelings84
Activity 8 It makes me angry85
Activity 9 My moving song86
Activity 10 My moving book87
Activity 11 My memory tree88
Activity 12 What I like and what I need89
Advice and tips90