A Place to Talk Outdoors


Supporting young children's language development

ISBN: 9781921613944
Code: TS0267
A Place to Talk Outdoors Cover

Improving children's speaking and listening skills has never been more important, and this book considers the significant role that the physical environment can play in supporting these skills. It includes a summary of the key environmental influences, drawn from research, and lots of examples of what this looks like in practice.

Outside is such a preferred context for so many children. The ideas in this book will inspire you to review your outside spaces and make sure they are the kinds of places where young children will develop their language skills.

Pages: 40 | Ages: 2-5

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About the Authors

Picture of Bridie Raban

Bridie Raban is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Her past research has focused on language and literacy development, teacher change and development, curriculum and assessment for the early childhood years and quality provision. She was the first Professor of Early Childhood Education in Victoria and the second in Australia, and before this she was Professor of Primary Education (Early Years) at the University of Warwick and President of the UK Reading Association.



Elizabeth Jarman is an internationally recognised education professional specialising in creating optimum conditions for learning and an award-winning author. Her work is widely respected and professionally challenges teh way that learning environments for children and families are considered.