Preparing for Secondary Maths Cover

Preparing for Secondary Maths

Helps students prepare for Maths at secondary school

This best-selling title covers all the skills and knowledge students need for their secondary maths education.

  • Includes skills checklists, diagnostic tests, clear step-by-step explanations, worked examples, practice exercises and extension questions, as well as multiple-choice assessment tasks.
  • Also helpful for scholarship and entrance exam preparation.

Categories: Mathematics
Ages: 11-14 | Pages: 256 | Code: TS0292 | ISBN: 9781921454738

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Picture of Ian Bull

Ian Bull

Ian Bull has taught mathematics from Grade 6 to Year 12 in both state and private schools. He has been head of mathematics at Melbourne High School for a dozen years as well as being director of gifted and talented education there. Ian has a wealth of experience in education ranging from VCE examination marking, writing sections of Naplan as well as recently writing materials for the Australian National Curriculum.

Ian is widely published in the area of mathematics with sales in every state of Australia as well as New Zealand and South Africa.

Ian has spoken regularly at Mathematics and Gifted and Talented conferences on both national and international forums, at Fremantle, Alice Springs and Hobart for the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, at Hobart and Fremantle for the Australian Association for the Education of Gifted and Talented and at Sydney and Dubai at the Asian Pacific Conference for Gifted and Talented Education.

Ian is committed to sharing his educational experiences on the broad educational arena and, as such, continues to strive to make a range of educational resources to appeal to educators, written in response to cutting edge educational issues.       


Diagnostic Test: Whole Number2
SKILL 1 Number Systems4
SKILL 2 Number place values6
SKILL 3 Rounding off8
SKILL 4 Adding whole numbers8
SKILL 5 Subtracting whole numbers9
SKILL 6 The multiplication table11
SKILL 7 Multiplying whole numbers11
SKILL 8 Dividing whole numbers13
SKILL 9 Divisibility13
SKILL 10 Order of operations14
Whole Number Practice15
Whole Number Extensions17
Diagnostic Test: Number Theory21
SKILL 1 Factors22
SKILL 2 Prime numbers23
SKILL 3 Composite numbers24
SKILL 4 Prime factors24
SKILL 5 Multiples24
SKILL 6 Square numbers25
SKILL 7 Square roots25
SKILL 8 Number patterns26
SKILL 9 Substitution26
Number Theory Practice28
Number Theory Extensions30
Diagnostic Test: Fractions34
SKILL 1 Equivalent fractions and cancelling36
SKILL 2 Mixed numbers and improper fractions37
SKILL 3 Multiplying fractions38
SKILL 4 Dividing fractions39
SKILL 5 Adding fractions with equal denominators40
SKILL 6 Subtracting fractions with equal denominators41
SKILL 7 Adding fractions with unequal denominators42
SKILL 8 Subtracting fractions with unequal denominators43
SKILL 9 Working with mixed numbers44
SKILL 10 Comparing the sizes of fractions45
SKILL 11 Finding fractions of quantities46
SKILL 12 Expressing quantities as a fraction of each other46
Fractions Practice47
Fractions Extensions49
Diagnostic Test: Decimals54
SKILL 1 The Decimal System56
SKILL 2 Place value57
SKILL 3 Comparing the size of decimals58
SKILL 4 Adding decimals59
SKILL 5 Subtracting decimals59
SKILL 6 Multiplying decimals60
SKILL 7 Multiplying by groups often60
SKILL 8 Dividing decimals61
SKILL 9 Dividing by powers of ten62
SKILL 10 Converting decimals into fractions62
SKILL 11 Converting fractions into decimals63
SKILL 12 Decimal currency64
Decimals Practice66
Decimals Extensions69
Diagnostic Test: Percentages75
SKILL 1 Making percentages into fractions76
SKILL 2 Making fractions into percentages76
SKILL 3 Making percentages into decimals76
SKILL 4 Making decimals into percentages77
SKILL 5 Expressing fractions of quantities as percentages77
SKILL 6 Finding percentages of quantities78
SKILL 7 Finding the size of a quantity when given a part of it78
Percentages Practice79
Percentages Extensions80
Diagnostic Test: Measurement85
SKILL 1 Length units88
SKILL 2 Comparing lengths89
SKILL 3 Perimeter of shapes with straight sides89
SKILL 4 Area of shapes with straight sides90
SKILL 5 Composite areas91
SKILL 6 Volume of solids92
SKILL 7 Capacity93
SKILL 8 Mass94
SKILL 9 Times94
SKILL 10 Temperature96
Measurement Practice97
Measurement Extensions100
Diagnostic Test: Geometry106
SKILL 1 Using a compass to make circles110
SKILL 2 Measuring and drawing angles with a protractor110
SKILL 3 Angle facts112
SKILL 4 Triangles113
SKILL 5 Quadrilaterals114
SKILL 6 Angles that describe directions116
SKILL 7 Describing solids117
SKILL 8 Moving shapes118
SKILL 9 Symmetry120
Geometry Practice121
Geometry Extensions127
Diagnostic Test: Chance and Data133
SKILL 1 Finding average and range135
SKILL 2 Constructing tally tables136
SKILL 3 Constructing pictographs137
SKILL 4 Constructing bar graphs138
SKILL 5 Constructing pie graphs139
SKILL 6 Reading values from line graphs140
SKILL 7 Simple probability141
Chance and Data Practice143
Chance and Data Extensions147
Diagnostic Test: Calculators151
SKILL 1 Estimation152
SKILL 2 Simple calculations153
SKILL 3 Using the memory function154
SKILL 4 Rounding off155
SKILL 5 Squaring numbers156
SKILL 6 Finding square roots157
SKILL 7 Percentages157
SKILL 8 Turning fractions into decimals158
Calculators Practice159
Calculators Extensions161
Diagnostic Test: Problem Solving166
SKILL 1 Making lists170
SKILL 2 Guess and check method170
SKILL 3 Using diagrams172
SKILL 4 Working backwards175
SKILL 5 Eliminating possibilities176
SKILL 6 Starting with a simpler problem177
SKILL 7 Comparing values of quantities178
SKILL 8 Finding a pattern179
SKILL 9 Making models180
SKILL 10 Using information from worded questions, tables and graphs181
Problem Solving Practice184
Problem Solving Extensions189
1 Whole number216
2 Number theory219
3 Fractions221
4 Decimals224
5 Percentages227
6 Measurement228
7 Geometry231
8 Chance and Data236
9 Calculators240
10 Problem solving243
Assessment tasks246