Digital Fluency

This Digital Fluency series provides a guide to current teaching methods for integrating digital tools effectively in the classroom. It is primarily for teachers and leaders who are not experts but want to find out more about teaching and learning in the digital world. Offering a broad perspective, this series sets out practical and easy-to-understand knowledge and skills you need to use digital technology effectively for student learning.

Ages: 5-12 years

About the Author

Picture of Angie Simmons

Angie Simmons

Angie Simmons is interested in current best-practice learning approaches that encompass thinking skills, collaboration and problem solving. As an experienced educator, she has worked broadly across the educational sector of New Zealand. She worked as a primary school teacher for many years and as a university lecturer, when she was head of an educational technologies programme and taught prospective teachers. In another significant educational role, she was a digital technologies professional development facilitator working with schools across the Auckland area to integrate future-focused learning within the curriculum.