Action Stations

Nurture children’s curiosity for learning and the language they need to make the transition from early childhood education to primary school. The Action Stations programme engages children in play and inquiry learning in a holistic approach that caters for their mental, emotional, physical and social needs. As well as having choice in the action research they undertake, children are closely involved in the planning and reflection stages and so deepen their understanding of the process required for successful learning. This inspiring book takes you through all phases of implementing the programme, from planning to assessment, and includes resources to help you along the way.

Ages: 3-6 years

About the Author

Picture of Laetitia de Vries

Laetitia de Vries

Laetitia de Vries is a passionate educator who enjoys action research and finding ways to maximise an individual’s learning potential. With experience of teaching across primary school levels, she is currently a new entrant (reception) teacher at Wanaka Primary School in New Zealand. As e-learn lead teacher, Laetitia supports her colleagues in implementing 21st century pedagogies and practices that are engaging, integrated, blended and purposeful. She is also the coordinator and facilitator for the Upper Clutha Cluster, creating opportunities for staff from preschools, primary schools and college to unite as a team of networking professionals. Her passion lies in facilitating, innovating and enjoying time with the children in class who inspire her every day.