Every Student: A guide to differentiated teaching

It is a fact of educational life that the sole class teacher cannot work with every student at all times. So it can be somewhat daunting to be faced with the task of teaching to each student’s needs, especially in composite classes containing more than one year level. This resource makes the task manageable. It breaks down the process of teaching a differentiated classroom into achievable steps that will benefit your students’ learning. It also offers a range of tools to help with planning and assessment (including sample lesson plans and learning lines), as well as with creating a learning environment to suit each of your students. The result: quality lessons and assessments that give you a comprehensive view of your students’ current learning and the direction in which they need to be heading.

Ages: 7-12 years

About the Author

Catherine Kulikov

Catherine Kulikov has taught at the upper levels of primary school in Australia. As a curriculum coordinator, her duties are to develop a differentiated curriculum based on the needs of individual students. She is passionate about finding new ways to engage and assist her students so that they are all able to enjoy and find success within the classroom.