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Teaching Media Literacy through Contemporary Issues


Reality TV

ISBN: 9781776556359
Code: 51118
Teaching Media Literacy through Contemporary Issues Cover
This book explores all that is Reality TV. Students will learn about how reality tv fits into the media landscape, as well as the techniques used to capture and maintain viewers’ interest - from developing an initial idea, casting, producing and editing. The ultimate aim of this resource is to give students the tools to recognise the techniques that reality tv producers use and why they use them. Having worked through the sections, students will have an opportunity to develop a reality show of their own.

Pages: 64 | Ages: 12-15 | Published: October 2019

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About the Author

Dale Sutherland has been a media studies and English teacher. She has a background in film and media, along with a passion for contemporary issues facing young people today. Now living in New Zealand’s Far North, she researches and writes full time.