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SOLO Taxonomy in the Early Years


Making connections for belonging, being and becoming

ISBN: 9781927221266
Code: 5746


SOLO Taxonomy in the Early Years Cover
Using SOLO Taxonomy as a model, young learners become active participants in their own learning as they can see a clear, manageable progression of steps they can follow to create new learning. This empowering resource describes practical examples and experiences of educators and learners. It also provides the scaffolding young learners need to self-assess their learning outcomes and make thoughtful decisions about next steps and strategies.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 4-7 | Published: February 2013

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About the Authors

Picture of Pam Hook
Pam Hook is an educational consultant (HookED, who advises schools and institutions in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the Pacific Islands on developing curricula and pedagogies for learning to learn based on SOLO Taxonomy. She is a popular keynote speaker at conferences. Pam is author of more than 25 books on SOLO Taxonomy, including titles translated into Danish, and has developed a series of SOLO web-based apps, Apple iPad apps and YouTube videos. She hosts collaborative online communities for SOLO practitioners on Twitter @arti_choke @globalsolo and Pinterest
Picture of Bridget Casse
Bridget Cassé is a junior classroom teacher and team leader in a primary school in Auckland, New Zealand. She has special interest, experience and expertise in teaching and learning in lower primary. Bridget clearly remembers the moment at Learning@School 2010 when she first sensed the potential of SOLO Taxonomy for learning to learn – and she has been exploring her teaching and student learning using SOLO as a model ever since. Bridget’s foremost teacher is her preschool daughter who helps her rethink “learning to learn” and how best to facilitate this process with young learners.

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