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Poem Detectives for Primary School


Creative approaches for writing and editing poems

ISBN: 9781776551859
Code: 5915


Poem Detectives for Primary School Cover
Poem Detectives is a series for students who know the poem basics and are looking for creative extension. Supported by the range of activities and information this series offers, they can create and edit well-grounded, original work. The warm-up activities frame the creative word play that sparks great ideas, while longer activities prompt the students to dive deeper into poem analysis. Fun ideas for refining poems are included in a practical section on editing your own work. As well as opening the way for down-to-earth and high-interest topics, it offers guidance on taking part in poem slams and written competitions.

Pages: 55 | Ages: 8-11 | Published: February 2016

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About the Author

Liz Breslin is a poet, playwright, columnist, editor and teacher. From slams to galloping iambs, she enjoys bringing words alive with students of all ages, gifted and talented classes and workshop groups. Liz has performed around New Zealand and the United Kingdom and came second runner-up in the 2014 New Zealand National Poetry Slam. Her work has been published at home, overseas and online.

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