Learning Opportunities: Ourselves and Our Bodies


Planning to engage and interest children

ISBN: 9781921613821
Code: TS0276
Learning Opportunities: Ourselves and Our Bodies Cover

When babies lie in cots or sit in highchairs they begin to take an interest in their bodies. They explore their surroundings with their hands and feet. They learn to track movements and sounds with their eyes and their ears. Favourite adults are recognised by their scents, their voices, their appearance and their smiles. Milk and early foods are investigated with mouths. Tongues are used to lick. For many children these early experiences will be the start of a fascination for ‘ourselves and our bodies’.

This book provides a store of practical ideas enabling educators to plan ahead with confidence.

Pages: 36 | Ages: 0-5

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About the Authors

Rachel Sparks Linfield has worked in education for over 25 years. She has written a wide range of articles and books for early years educators and non-fiction texts for children..

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Bridie Raban is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Her past research has focused on language and literacy development, teacher change and development, curriculum and assessment for the early childhood years and quality provision. She was the first Professor of Early Childhood Education in Victoria and the second in Australia, and before this she was Professor of Primary Education (Early Years) at the University of Warwick and President of the UK Reading Association.