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Learning Opportunities: The Local Community

The wider world is an intriguing and initially unknown experience for babies and young children. They develop their knowledge and understanding of the world from direct first-hand experiences of their immediate neighbourhood. Over time, young children learn that everyone does not live in the same kind of local community that has become familiar to them. However, any differences, from minor to significant, only make sense on the basis of what has become thoroughly familiar to these young girls and boys.

This book provides a store of practical ideas focusing on building a sense of place and identity through interaction with the local community, enabling educators to plan ahead with confidence.


Ages: 0-5 years

About the Authors

Picture of Bridie Raban

Bridie Raban is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Her past research has focused on language and literacy development, teacher change and development, curriculum and assessment for the early childhood years and quality provision. She was the first Professor of Early Childhood Education in Victoria and the second in Australia, and before this she was Professor of Primary Education (Early Years) at the University of Warwick and President of the UK Reading Association.



Jenny Barber is an experienced early years consultant who works with professionals to improve quality and develop practice. She has always worked in the field of early years, and writes regular magazine articles and features and is a published author.

Tunja Stone is an accredited childminder with twenty years experience in the field of childcare and early years education. She was the first childminder to be awarded the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) by London Metropolitan University.

Rachel Sparks Linfield has worked in education for over 25 years. She has written a wide range of articles and books for early years educators and non-fiction texts for children..

Alistair Bryce-Clegg has spent his career as a teacher, head teacher and early years consultant. He has worked alongside educators in a diverse range of settings to develop approaches to planning and teaching that really engage children in the learning process.

Jennie Lindon is well known as an early years consultant and author. She has been a prolific writer, offering a welcome blend of knowledge of child development with a practical understanding of the role of early years educators.